Frank Nitsche

Nov 2014

Really surprised that neither this course nor Frank Nitsche have been reviewed. This class has three parts - the first two portions of the class use excel to perform statistical analysis and then the third covers ArcMap. Like most stats classes, I imagine, they start off pretty easy with mode/range terms and a few concepts get tough pretty quickly. In this class, it is possible to get by - and I mean get an A - purely on memorizing the statistical operations as Frank provides pretty substantial class notes via Courseworks. That being said, Frank is also very helpful and receptive to students that really want to understand. In fact, that seems like Frank's M.O. He's a very sweet professor, arguably a bit dry at times, but he means well and will give back to you exactly what you put in. I took this class because it was required, but it ended up being rather enjoyable for what it was. Also, it's a good way to get to know other folks in environmental departments - a lot of Columbia Sus Dev majors, Barnard environmental policy, etc.