Andrew Crowther

Dec 2020

Note that this was during remote learning Prof. Crowther is very direct and a great professor. There really isn't anything to complain about him. He definitely isn't the best professor but there's nothing to hate about him. During office hours he is incredibly helpful and makes sure he is always giving you the correct information and guidance. He also explains things very clearly and always makes sure you understand what he is saying before he concludes answering your questions. He is a great teacher. The grading for the lab reports is overall a bit on the stricter side. He expects a lot. That's the only annoying part. Taking this course honestly is not too difficult if you go to office hours and do the work before the day it is due. However, grading is incredibly obscure if you don't and it's very difficult to improve if you don't supplement the lab time with office hours to guide you what to write in the lab report. But again, during the office hours they tell you everything you need (from my experience) and how to do all the calculations. If you don't, you most likely won't score above a 92.