Mei-I Chiang

Apr 2014

Fall 2013- Elementary Chinese I (C1101 N) Mei-I Chiang was a new professor when I took her class. She is undoubtedly one of the sweetest human beings on this Earth. That being said, the EALAC department in general is overall pretty nice, so I am unsure if Mei-I Chiang stands out amongst the rest in terms of how nice she is. She sticks to the syllabus relatively... however I took the 6:10 PM class which was ultimately only 6-9 people (some dropped out leaving us with 6) and we were able to convince her on multiple occasions to postpone Dictations (that she gave daily). The one thing that she does not/can not change is the date of tests, since those are department wide. From the first couple of days it is IMPERATIVE to start studying the vocabulary and words if you really have no background. This class ends up being 85% in Chinese and it is impossible know what is going on in class if you don't know the words she is using. Mei-I Chiang is really understanding and very flexible and is incredibly sweet, you'll definitely love her instantly. Since I am only in Elementary II now, and I have only had one other EALAC professor, I can say in comparison she is a tad tougher of a grader, but if you do the work at bare minimum, you're bound to get at least a B. I highly doubt the EALAC department even gives out grades lower than that. This department is super lenient and nice.