Luís Diogo

Dec 2016

Professor Diogo is incredible. He makes every concept easily digestible in an interesting and concise way. I really enjoyed going to class. I would strongly recommend him. If you do all the homework you will be in pretty good shape for the exams.

Dec 2016

Honestly, nothing special, his tests aren't difficult, he's pretty clear when it comes to teaching. That being said he's not boring but he's not super exciting either. His tests are pretty straight forward and he curves the average grade to a B.

May 2015

Before taking this class I heard mixed review about Luis and of course I came into the class skeptical of how it would turn out. After a semester with Luis, I would like to say that my overall experience was a positive one - yes, the course/materials was challenging at some point, but Luis made them really interesting and I ended up really enjoying the course. Luis is a very knowledgeable professor and he does a good job lecturing (he has a bit of an accent but this did not interfere with his delivering of the materials). The first part of the course (before midterm #1) was relatively easy and the pace was a lot slower compared to later in the semester. I also felt that we did less examples with problems/questions in class as the semester went on and sometimes I felt that this made it difficult for me to understand what we were learning; nonetheless, the homework problems help reinforce the theorems/formulas learned in lecture. Luis also likes to go over goemoetric representations and proofs - a lot of time I felt like he would just end up talking to himself because everyone would be lost a minute after he begins, but not to worry, these are to help you understand how to derive the formulas and it's ok if you don't know how to proof them yourself, you just need to know the forumlas for the exam. The homework in this course are pretty long compared to other section of Calc 3, there are normally anywhere from 15-20 questions and the TA will only grade 4-6 of them. The good thing is that we don't have to do any webassign :) Most people will end up getting around 10/12 or 11/12 on the homework and he will drop the 2 lowest homework grades at the end. The first midterm was relatively straight forward but the second was a lot harder - I failed the second midterm (literally) and I stilled ended up with a very good grade in this class so don't worry if you don't do so well on the midterm. He usually returns the midterm a week after the day it was taken and regrades are due the next class after they are returned. In terms of office hours, Luis is very helpful and he truly cares about the success of his students. He will go over any problems/questions you have in detail and if you don't get it he will try and explain it in a different way. Not a lot of people show up to OH so be sure to go if you need help. All in all, I really enjoyed Calc 3 with Luis and if I were take it again I would choose his section without any hesitation.

May 2014

Professor Diogo is a thorough earnest professor who seems interested in having his students rigorously understand calculus while still liking it. He is not a sadistic math professor who assigns tests with averages in the 40s. He explains the material in enough detail so that we understand what to do and why, but not so much that it become pedantic. He is very helpful when questions are asked and explains exactly what wrong assumptions or incorrect logic the questioners are using. Sometimes his examples are a little long winded, but mostly they are fine. He takes the time to derive things, but if the derivations are too tedious and not that important, he may skip them. I recommend his Calculus III class. It made me like math.

Feb 2014

Luís is a great teacher. He follows the material given in the textbook almost exactly but doesn't at all rely on it in order to lecture -- he gives his own examples and proofs, which make sense with what's in the book. He doesn't pre-suppose any knowledge on his students' part, which is especially good for a class like Calc I with a wide distribution of previous experience. He is the most patient professor I've ever had and will explain something a thousand times until the student asking a question understands. He's also incredibly kind and approachable -- he was always helpful in office hours. He's also (sometimes unintentionally) hilarious in class, so that always helps. Sometimes it seemed like he went heavy on the proofs in a manner that was impractical for most students, but he cares about explaining mathematical underpinnings and wants his students to know why things work the way they do. He's always clear about when we do and don't have to know how to prove things. He's not a punitive grader and gives a lot of partial credit for showing work on exams. Overall, a really effective teacher -- people without a lot of math background won't be lost and people with more math knowledge/curiosity will appreciate his rigorous approach.