Yurina Ko

Jan 2014

Yurina is probably the best professor I have ever had as an undergraduate student. She made me realize that students get out of the class what the professors put in. Yurina is so incredibly hardworking and goes to great such great lengths to see her students succeed (e.g. spending one hour writing margin notes for EACH of our formal drafts), that she really challenged me to develop as a writer. At first, I treated University Writing as just a CORE requirement that I wanted to get over with, however, I cannot even recognize the writer that Yurina has helped me become. She opened so many new ways for thinking and writing for me, that I am forever grateful to her. I feel bad for other students who have professors that do not care as much about the course and their students. If you want/need to improve your writing, take Yurina's class. She will push and challenge you, but it will be worth it in the end. The consensus in our class is that she is also a very fair grader, but she can literally point out BS in any single paragraph, so as long as you put hard work in, she will notice, appreciate it and reward you. She is also a genuinely nice person and very approachable. University Writing was such a joy with her. Our entire class became very close and it was definitely one of my favorite classes that semester. Also, I think Columbia should hire Yurina as a full-time professor. She is brilliant, kind, hardworking and has a HUGE impact on her students.