David Vawdrey

Jan 2014

I took the course - Introduction to computer applications in health care under David Vawdrey. I hate to call him a Professor since he is downright crazy. He is very unfair with the grades. I scored full 100% on all 6 home works, 90% on the midterm but screwed up the final getting 60%. But I still managed to score 79% on an average, and he gave me a C. When asked for an explanation, he says (doesn't write it down in emails, I guess he fears putting things on record so he prefers talking) -- " Scores in the 90s get an 'A', those in 80s get a 'B', and those in the 70s get a C." Spare yourself from the misery. Avoid this Professor and course at all costs!! I'd be happy the day Columbia fires him. Too much - 6 Homeworks + 1 Midterm + 1 Final