Nicole Gervasio

Mar 2021

I'm writing this now but I had Nicole in 2016. I absolutely loved her, I remember she was so incredibly accommodating and caring about each of her students. She also always brought snacks to class. In terms of her teaching style, she's great at making sure all students feel comfortable participating regardless of how well you prepared for class, and she's a fair grader who makes her expectations clear ahead of time. Couldn't recommend her more, she remembered me years after I took her course!

Dec 2017

Nicole is by far the best professor I've had this fall and probably the best I'll have all year--TAKE. HER. CLASS!! I can't stress this enough, she is so wonderful and has won the award for best lithum teacher last year (not sure what the official name of the award is). She will push you to read deeper into every text, challenge your assumptions, and take pride in your work. She also makes every class incredibly fun with a host of in-class activities ranging from games to discussion activities to free writing. She makes reading guides for every reading and gives us a ton of resources to help us in the most ways possible. She also cares about our mental health and tries not to make the course too stressful (although obviously lithum by nature has a huge amount of reading). She's not a super easy grader but definitely a really fair grader and will write extensive comments and give you the chance to revise your close reading essay to raise your grade. She's the embodiment of what makes the Core great and every teacher should be more like her!!

Mar 2016

Nicole was a pleasure to have as an instructor. At the beginning of the semester, she relayed to us that her forte was not in the classics, rather on queer literature, and that she would be learning with us. It was evident throughout the semester that she worked as hard as, if not harder than the students. She made sure to have one-on-one conferences about our writing throughout the process, and comfortably managed to get everyone to speak up during the seminar. Her feedback is so helpful, making clear suggestions for improvement and showing much interest in our work. She used multiple forms of media to teach in class, including mediathread (online image/art-type program), references to pop culture, a visit to the Met, and a class trip to an off-off Broadway version of A Midsummer Night's Dream. The way she pushed us to improve our skills managed to provide new lessons even for students who had already experienced the literature we were working on. Major takeaway: Nicole is clearly interested in the work she teaches and in her students, and it is clear that she expects us to improve our skills in whatever capacity we can.

Nov 2014

NICOLE GERVASIO IS A GODDESS. I AM UPSET THAT SHE DOES NOT ALREADY HAVE A GOLD NUGGET. HELLO? IT'S BEEN LIKE 2 YEARS. Taking UW with Nicole is what inspired me to be an English major. She is so approachable and dedicated to making her students better writers. She is available as a resource at every step of the way, from random ideas and breakdowns to a full-fledged ~progression~. She is also just in general a really chill person and I've kept in touch with her since leaving that class! If you have taken the intro to the English major, ENGL 3001, you know it is pretty much the 7th circle of hell if you don't have a good seminar leader. I'm taking it this semester and I am genuinely sad that I can't take it again next semester (Spring 2015) and have Nicole as a seminar leader!! So if you're taking it in the spring, there's no other option. You're welcome.

Jan 2014

I took University Writing: Human Rights with Nicole Gervasio, and will DEFINITELY try to take another class with her, if she teaches one in the future, (fingers crossed). Note: Taking a themed based University Writing is seriously the way to go, because you get the opportunity to write about a topic that matters to you! If you can, PLEASE take a class with Nicole Gervasio. First of All Nicole is a brilliant teacher who relates the class material to students so well. She provides an often needed serious approach to human rights issues, but also knows how to incorporate activities that provide levity to the classroom environment. My writing improved immensely through Nicole's meticulous comments on each of my drafts coupled with visiting her during office hours. She's truly approachable & so experienced. I could not believe this was her first time teaching the course. Nicole is a PhD student at Columbia (for English I believe) and does a brilliant job managing her time, really dedicating her all to teaching, it is obvious she truly cares. A really cool thing about having a PhD student for a teacher is that she often brings in material from her PhD courses, which really helps her undergraduate students! A huge plus is that Nicole truly cares about Human Rights issues, and that sentiment is delivered during each class as she fosters a respectable environment where students feel empowered to discuss and share. U Writing in general as a class will be a lot of work no matter who your teacher is, but having Nicole makes it 1000 times more manageable. She is flexible & understanding & doesn't take requirements too far, often adjusting where she sees fit for her students. I wish I could take this class 100 more times. I learned more than I ever have, I have a newfound appreciation for studying human rights issues, and am confident about my writing ability. Nicole answers emails so fast, and is such an accessible faculty member, quite relatable and even allows students to call her by her first name. She is a 5-star teacher, and any student is more than lucky to have her. Get this, she even purchased a portable projector to aid with class presentations, and truly made our tiny, awkwardly located classroom work well. Nicole will get a Golden Nugget in no time, I know it's true!!!!!

Jan 2014

Nicole is a really amazing teacher for UW. I took her Human Rights themed section and it was clear from the start that she was very passionate about the topic. But that wasn't the only thing she was passionate about - she cared so much about each and every one of her students. On top of her weekly office hours, she is always willing to schedule an additional meeting outside of class whenever it works for you. She is very into being fair, and will almost always offer you an extension when needed but is also diligent about returning papers on time. She also goes out of her way to read first and even second drafts if you send them to her and give you feedback before you have to turn in a final graded copy. But honestly, I'd say the biggest reason to take her class is that it's just super interesting. Between her knowledge of the subject and the cookies she would bake for our class, everyone loved her, even the students that usually slack off. One thing to consider is she's really cool about letting people do their own thing, and believes that some people work best while multitasking, so she lets people open their computers during class and says she "trusts you." So not 100% of the class was engaged the whole time, but for me, it wasn't a bother. The people that had something to say spoke.