Irina Mickhaylovna Denischenko

Jun 2013

Irina is an absolute doll. She has an enormous amount of energy every day and utilizes every available minute of class time. Most of class is composed of activities from the textbook, and Irina calls on people at random to speak aloud so that everyone speaks at least once a day. She doesn't grill you or really expect too much from speakers in class, and corrects your mistakes as you say them. It may seem intimidating at first that she speaks largely in Russian throughout class, but it's really never an issue even if you just smile and nod and have no clue what she is saying. The composition of the class was very varied as far as skill and proficiency goes but she really tried to meet everyone's needs individually. She is a native speaker, and doesn't know all of the grammatical rules by heart, but if you ask a question she doesn't know she'll find out for you. She grades every scrap of homework you turn in a provides written feedback. Be prepared for a lot of Russian comedy sketches and songs during class!