Ha Nguyen

Dec 2020

This was the most uninteresting class I've taken in my life. Professor Nguyen is nice, but he would sometimes tell us one thing, then take points off for it on an exam. He also didn't really reply to emails and would only read off of slides during lectures. The pacing of the material made no sense. We spent multiple classes going over mean, median, and mode then learned about every type of confidence interval and hypothesis test in one class. The workload isn't bad at all, but 85% of your grade is based on two exams. If you pay attention during lectures or just read the textbook, you should be fine, but I would not recommend taking this class.

Feb 2019

I agree with most existing posts, from the perspective of the grader of this class this semester, but not a student. This is supposed to be a core course for a lot of undergrads, and of course, everyone wants to do good and get a good score. As both a grader who grades the assignments of this class, and a student whose assignments are to be graded by someone else, I can definitely feel for the students and will surely grade the assignments as fair and reasonable as possible. However, there's already a problem for me as soon as I started to grade the very first assignment. It involves quartiles, and as far as I know, there are multiple ways to compute them, as are suggested by different statisticians. They all make sense, but I would still like to know whether the professor has any specific requirement on this. He uses slides that come free with the textbook without personalizing it and catering it to the class, which don't really say anything about how he teaches. So I wrote an email to him about this, no reply. Another time, I asked for a solutions manual so that I can prepare the solutions for the students and post them on Canvas, he said "later", and so far, still not a frigging thing. The rules from the stats dept forbids me to have any contact with the students, and since I also have my own courses to take, it is impossible for me to sit there and listen to him during this course. But from my short experience as a grader, I can already see that he doesn't care about this class at all. I feel really sorry for the fellow students.

Jan 2018

class is good enough. beginning was easy and midterm was pretty straightforward though for me personally there were a bit more complicated problems than what we were assigned in the homeworks. the final was the same difficulty as the midterm though i had fallen off the wagon after the midterm and thus played an intense game of catch up during reading week. overall a good class and I got a B+ even with straight up not going for the last month or two of class. beware that he doesn't curve!

May 2017

This instructor is complete trash. He is an adjunct instructor who comes to Columbia for extra cash and cannot teach AT ALL. He will read off a powerpoint in class, be unprepared, and assign the hardest problems from the book, which defeats the whole purpose of providing students with practice material for the exams. I did not learn anything from this jackass, and it is a shame that an institution such as Columbia has such bad instructors.

Nov 2014

Easy A+ class! yep yep, it is one of those. He is one of the nicest prof. on campus. Excluding the accent, he would help you, tell you what to formula to use in the exam, and be overwhelmingly approachable. Really easy class even if you hate math/stats. just do the problem sets and you would be more than fine.

Dec 2013

Thoroughly OK class. You know, the kind where the whole population shows up the first day to get the syllabus, then the population turns into an ever-dwindling sample as people start skipping. Come midterm time, it's like "Whoa, where did all these people come from?" But if you'd rather catch up on your Z's than brush up on your Z-Scores, that's fine. Seriously. I am 95% confident that Prof. Nguyen let us out 10 to 15 minutes early every class. And everything he covered in class is also clearly explained in the textbook. Hence, no need to attend class except to turn in homework and take tests. If you choose to attend this class faithfully (which I did), here's what to expect: - Prof. Nguyen speaks with an accent, but it's not too hard to understand. - His lectures consist of him reading powerpoints and scribbling notes/diagrams using messy handwriting. Not too hard to decipher, though. - He will answer questions in class. Sometimes, it's helpful. - He will ask questions in class. Usually, no one responds. - You will get out early. Having had almost no background in statistics, I learned a good deal in this class. Once we got past the median, mean, mode stuff, we covered normal distributions and probability before taking the midterm. It got significantly harder after the midterm due to more advanced topics such as hypothesis testing and comparing means. Prof. Nguyen does a pretty decent job explaining things, and he's a nice guy. But the book is decent and nice too. Like I said. Thoroughly OK class. No harm in taking it. If you have a background in stats, I would recommend a higher level course unless you take pleasure in skipping class all the time and getting an easy A.

Dec 2012

Professor Nguyen is a horrible teacher. This class was uninteresting, poorly taught, and an altogether disappointing introduction to the field of statistics. His English is understandable, but only if you really focus (which will get more and more difficult as the class/semester goes on). Professor Nguyen went extremely slow in the beginning of the semester, ran out of time at the end, and then rushed 5-6 chapters in in two weeks. Take this class with him only if you are already familiar with all of the concepts (AP Stats) but don't plan on being taught any of them. I was unfortunate enough to be unfamiliar with the concepts so I spent most of my time for this class teaching myself the chapters. The class isn't hard, the professor was just bad.