Benjamin Olivennes

Apr 2013

Fantastic professor. Great lecture, he manages to put together wonderful content that teaches us a lot about what seems to be less stereotypical aspects of French culture. He's also a great character and makes you feel like you're drinking in French culture from a hose. I mean, the guy dresses like a Frenchman from the late 30's, how could you not feel frenchicized after an hour with him. Outside of a couple of uncomfortable jokes made (people in the class will remember march 27th), he's a wonderful professor.

Dec 2012

Such a sweetie. :) If you're looking to practice speaking with a heavily accented professor, Benjamin is your guy. Hearing a native Parisian accent is super, super helpful and great for you if you're planning on studying abroad. Benjamin is hilarious, and makes the class hilarious. Once everyone gets comfortable speaking french with each other, you end up joking around a lot, talking about real things (i.e.: not about going to the supermarket or getting on a plane). We discussed women's rights, french politics, philosophy, and um oysters. And on the last day of class he brought in lots of food and we talked about oysters. Benjamin is great. Such a lovable guy.