Camille Redding

May 2012

I had Camille for my discussion section of Introduction to American Politics and Government. She seems nice enough outside of class, but she is clearly very nervous as a TA. She doesn't explain assignments well, she talks far too quietly, and she is horrible at leading discussion. We didn't even have discussion. Instead she chose to have people email in questions about roughly half the readings and the class would be spent answering them. On the very best days, she would speak in a really tiny voice, reading verbatim from a powerpoint, and snap at everyone she caught whispering. One the worst days, she would become so frustrated that people weren't answering questions (most people were on facebook or just too uncomfortable by the tense climate of the classroom to feel like speaking) that she would end class early (sometimes only 20 minutes into the 50 minute class) and then make passive aggressive remarks like, "I would like to remind everyone that PARTICIPATION WILL COUNT" or "I'll be cutting office hours today, not that it matters because none of you ever come." In short, if I had to take the class over again, I definitely, definitely would have chosen a different TA. I've heard David is actually really good.