George Sarrinikolaou

Dec 2013

At a session held at the first meeting of this class where all evening students were presented with the various project options and advisers, George (as he likes to be called), who oversees the Capstone program and leads the one daytime session of the class (in Fall 2013), said that the Capstone workshop was more about process and what you will learn from it than about the specific project being worked on. I think he is right and because of that, the selection of right faculty member and which group of students to work with is important to the success of the project and your own work as well as your happiness in going through the process. It is hard to know who will be in which section of the class given the total number of students and projects (and the method that students use to request a specific project) so one is generally left with choosing a project and faculty adviser. Choose carefully! I debated which project to request and in the end decided that no one project so called out to me as to trump the priority of choosing the best faculty adviser. Some of the faculty advisers have good reputations and others may be new to the process and lack reputations. In the end I chose George. I am very very happy that I did. George is an experienced Capstone adviser who brings that experience along with his previous professional background combined with what I believe is a very well suited and likable personality to the job. If I liked the experience it was because of George and the other students in my section of the course (and in that regard I was very lucky to end up with a *great* group to work with – I could not have asked for better!). As this is a required class for SUMA students you will not have the option of not taking it. Given that, your only options are in regards to class meeting time, faculty adviser and project. Choose well!