Kristen Gore

Jan 2014

Totally chill and super nice instructor. Really patient with questions if you want concepts clarified. Kristen clearly cares about the course as she dedicates a lot of time outside of class to answering questions in extra help sessions and over emails. Midterm and final were super easy- they were basically questions we had seen in some form in class or in homework. The homework grading was also ridiculously lenient. I have no idea how she grades her homework because there were a couple of times when I went over the graded homework and realized I got full credit for questions that were done completely wrong. Basically, if you're not getting an A range grade with the combination of Kristen being super available to answer any questions you have, her TAs' ridiculously lenient grading, and random bonus points at every turn, you're doing something wrong.

Dec 2013

Professor Gore was a great instructor. Her teaching style is very easy to understand, and she did an excellent job of injecting examples for every concept into her lectures - a great way to reinforce the new material as we went along. She was much more concerned with conceptual understanding than mathematical computations, which showed in her generous grading system for homework. Professor Gore also made herself available for extra help sessions before both the midterm and the final, and provided practice problems for both of these tests.