Agnese Codebo

Mar 2013

I second the previous review: Professor Codebò is fun and supportive in discussions, lenient in terms of workload and late assignments, but appropriately tough in terms of correct grammar and pushing your ideas. A fair amount of the grade seems to come from participation (on guías and in discussion). But get ahead on the class's longer papers (the first comes right before midterms); she really does give you total freedom on these, and if you think of a topic and ask her for help researching it beforehand these can be very valuable.

Jan 2013

Note: The specific class topic was the arts under repression during La Guerra Sucia (the dirty war) in Argentina from 1976-1983. The curriculum is well laid-out, beginning with some dense history but quickly moving into the meat of the class which is reading Manuel Puig's "El Beso de la Mujer Araña," a fascinating novel about the friendship of two cellmates. On either end of the semester are the responses of different writers, artists, and musicians to the tyranny of the Argentinian government. We looked at art and interpreted journalism and song lyrics. Profesora Codebo is fantastic. She energetically facilitated discussions each class on the reading, creating an inclusive environment and managing to coax a few words out of nearly everyone. Rather than lecturing, it is the thoughts of the students with her guidance that drive the course. There are "Guías de Lectura" responses to the readings that ask you to offer your own personal interpretation and critical analysis of what you've read (specifically about El Beso). These interesting questions would be further deliberated on in class and related to the political situation in Argentina. I learned a huge amount about the time period and also the psychological effects that it had on Argentinian society, even until today. Sometimes we would spend class acting out different scenes from the book, and Codebo has a great sense of humor about everything. She is also understanding about the occasional late work if you're not doing it too often. Overall, highly recommended- i improved in writing and speaking and the topic is awesome.