Melinda Han

May 2013

I LOVE MELINDA. I literally don't have one bad thing to say about her or her class. She is one of the most engaging teachers that I have had all year, and she is the sole reason that I have actually really enjoyed FroSci. Her quizzes are really easy, she plans fun activities for each class, she is ALWAYS available to meet outside of class during office hours to clarify material/discuss life in general, and her seminars are always very helpful in discussing the material (or teaching the material if you skipped lecture...) She really has a way of engaging each student and getting onto our level. She recognizes that the lectures can be boring and not engaging for her students, so she really does everything that she can to make her seminars very interesting. She truly and genuinely cares about the feedback her students have about lecture and her class and is thus very open to making adjustments based on the class's interests. I had a fantastic experience being in her section.