Andrew Franklin-Hall

Apr 2012

This class began with Professor Hall seeming kind of timid and awkward, but after the first few moments of the first class, you realize that he really cares about the class discussions and wants you to participate. When people do the reading, and especially when you do the reading, the class is the most engaging. But on off days, it can be grueling. The subject matter is really interesting for the most part, but there are readings and posts on Courseworks for every class so it can be a bit dense. All in all, Hall is a young guy, and sometimes really funny in a nerdy kind of way. He has to assert himself as a young teacher, though, or at least that's my opinion, so the workload is surprisingly vast and he's not the easiest grader. I took it to fulfill my Ethics and Values requirement assuming that I would get an easy A and it's sort of an interesting sounding class, but it ended up taking up a lot of my time, and I'm not positive that I'm going to get an A...which is fine. Definitely worth it if you're interested in the subject though.