Zachary Herz

Dec 2017

I can't say enough good things about this professor, and I disagree with the other reviewer (I can't believe the reviewer almost discouraged me from taking his class). He is one of the most engaging, energetic, and intelligent professors I've had at this school. Our class discussions are always lively and interesting, and he is extremely clear about the ideas he wants us to take away from the text (and, if you have a hard time understanding, he is happy to take his time thoroughly explaining a concept). He often discusses the texts alongside contemporary legal issues, and I will really miss this aspect of the way he teaches his class. A lot of professors focus on the text without discussing how those ideas apply to the real world - but that's exactly what makes ideas in CC so meaningful and important, and I'm glad that Zach does this. Also, in general, he is nice, approachable, and funny. He can be casual in a way that might rub some people the wrong way (and I see how that can come off the wrong way) but, trust me, he's NOT rude, as the other review makes him seem. He genuinely cares about his students and will always make time for office hours. Yes he is harder than the average (and can grade harshly), but I'm glad I was forced into a section where I couldn't slack - this class and this professor made me fall in love with political theory/philosophy. Overall, workload is fine, it's just the grading that can be harsh. I know my classmates struggled with their essays. His exams are fair, he won't surprise you with anything that wasn't discussed in class. Take his class!!!

Sep 2017

I feel like responding a little bit to the single review that currently stands here. The review worried me, and it almost made me consider switching out of his class, which would have been a mistake! Yes, he lets the students drive much of the discussion, but the things we talk about require nuanced and critical thinking, so at least in my opinion, it wouldn't make much sense for him to just lecture at everyone how we are supposed to read these texts. And the important points are always covered. The discussions we have in class are helpful and memorable, and he pushes students to articulate clearly and defend their points. So yeah, not really an "easy A" type of class if that's what you're looking for. But if you want to be pushed to improve as a student, this is a great class!

Jan 2017

I don't think Zachary Herz was a very successful professor. I didn't enjoy CC and it seems like the majority of my class agreed with me, since only 4 students didn't switch out of his section. He often let students take over discussions and was easily distracted, which invariably led to good portions of every class being dedicated to topics completely unrelated to the texts. He seemed proud of this, and thought that it made his class "entertaining", but I would have liked to have learned something from CC. Personally, I didn't find him a very pleasant person either, especially when he made fun of some students who left the class. I make fun of people too, but I'm not their professor. He grades harder than your average professor, especially on your weekly responses. If you're really interested in law, he's really knowledgeable about that and spends a lot of the class discussing legal issues in the texts, but if you're not I would recommend avoiding his class.