Ken Light

Apr 2021

Extremely boring class (and almost always ran the full three hours) with lots of busy work, but a mostly painless way to get the lab requirement out of the way for humanities majors like myself. My TA was Gabby and she was very clear and helpful; Ken talks a lot but is also helpful when you directly ask questions. Grading was overall fair but they can be a little nitpicky at times so it's best to ask for clarification if you're even a little confused.

Apr 2019

I was initially bored in this class, but after the fact I realized I learned so much. I feel comfortable writing in APA and working with statistics. Professor Light really cares about his students and their success, and although he might come off a little bland sometimes, he always means well. Recommend for easy A and also very kind professor

Jan 2019

I really loved this course! I found it very intresting. Prof Light is one of the nicest proffesors ever! He tries very hard to make himself available to students. He hosts review sessions both in class and outsdie of class before each exam. I found this course very applicple to the fields I am intrested in. IT was a challanging course and I had to study to do well. If you study you will be fine! Although their is a learnign curve to his exams The exams get easier as you go as you get used to the format. There is multiple choise , short answer, and extra credit. He gives you choises in short answer usaly 3 out of 5 -which is so nice and helpfull! For the multiple choise he will let you explain up to 5 that you where unsure of to get credit back! He also grades the exams to give you the best grade possible. Very accepsible, kind, and understanding profeesor who wants you to do well. Go to class, it's helpful! Sometimes topics can be a bit confusing, but if you ask him to clarify it always makes sense. Although I should say many people found it borning.,

May 2018

Ken is a bit of a dull lecturer, but overall this is a good, simple class. It is very straightforward and he lets you know what he expects of you right from the beginning so it is easy to do well. I knew nothing about scientific articles and lab reports and this class has definitely helped give me the foundations that I need to succeed if I want to continue taking more science courses. He is very understanding and tries his hardest to make sure everyone is at the same level, that being said he is a little boring.

Apr 2015

The worst professor I've ever had. The worst lecturer, cares waaaay too much about his class, nitpicky, critical, dry and uninspired. He finds joy out of forcing his students to sit through his monotonous lectures for three hours. He makes you do group projects that take weeks to complete. He needs to chill. I don't know why he hasn't been fired yet.

Apr 2015

Avoid him at all costs. He will harass you and threaten to fail you. He tries to find a reason to get you in trouble and will make one up if he has to. His classes are unnecessary and tedious. A total waste of time.

Apr 2015

Honestly, I am outraged seeing the comments below. I don't know how anybody can claim that Ken Light is a good professor, because frankly he is the worst professor I have had in my time here at Barnard. The reasons are many, so I decided to number them: 1. Do not think that he cares at all about your success in this class. He does not. He can and WILL dock you about ten points for slight formatting errors, not caring at all that this is an intro class and we don't all know how to write perfectly formatted APA papers. Today, he walked into class and announced that no one had done as well on the essays as he had hoped. As I looked around me, I saw seventies, eighties, and nothing in the nineties. The man does not like to give good grades, period. 2. His absurdly harsh grading might be understandable if he only explained assignments well. Once again, he does not. You would think somebody would realize, if less than half of the class got a decent grade on a paper, that he was doing something wrong as a professor. He truly does not explain the formatting thoroughly, and WILL dock you points if you get something wrong that he didn't explain thoroughly. 3. His comments on papers and presentations are rude, abrasive, harsh, and bordering on unprofessional. He has no problem telling you that your slight formatting error is "completely and totally unacceptable" or that you "would have been docked more points if I wasn't being nice." Simply put, he's mean. He will make you feel bad about yourself. 4. Once again, I can't stress this enough - it is absurdly difficult to get good grades on certain assignments. Often times, it seems like it all boils down to luck. You're honestly lucky if you get all his nitpicky formatting right. And if you have a bad lab group, good luck; he WILL decide he doesn't like your lab group, and he WILL target you and grade you unfairly. 5. This brings me to my next point. If he doesn't like you for whatever reason, and it could be the fault of someone in your lab group, he will grade you unfairly. 6. Come on, guys. I shouldn't see a classroom full of seventies and eighties on papers; he obviously gets pleasure out of giving bad grades. There has to be better lab professors. If I could have not done a lab this semester and held off until I could have a better professor, I would have. Ken Light was not worth it. A 1.5 CREDIT CLASS SHOULDN'T BE MY HARDEST CLASS, AND IT SHOULDN'T BE THE ONLY CLASS INDUCING PANIC ATTACKS.