Christina Kalogeropoulou

Jan 2018

The most boring professor. Christina is really passionate about film and seems to know a lot about the study of it, but is a horrible teacher. Her lectures are long, hard to understand, and with very little focus. She often goes on tangents and (although she tries!) often fails to concisely and precisely answer students' questions. Her Midterm and Final prompts (which had 3 options each) ranged from too confusing and detailed to too vague. When you ask her questions, she goes on a long tangent and you're lucky if she touches upon the realm of your question. A lot of participation is required to get a good grade, but she also doesn't call on people. You can technically go into this class and never say anything. Genuinely a lovely and kind woman, but not a good professor and class experience.

Dec 2017

Christina is a wonderful person to converse with about film and about writing film, but not as wonderful a professor. Her lectures tend to be long and only interesting if you have a pre-existing interest in film. Don't expect to have a fire kindled in your heart or anything for the subject matter. I highly encourage you doing lots of reading on your own and watching video essays. She also highly values participation, so be ready to speak consistently in class. This year was especially hard because we had no TA. This meant that the class was submitting our first draft of essays. However, given this, I think Christina remained a relatively fair and kind grader.

Feb 2015

Professor Kallas is one of the most unique and interesting film professors in the department. Her lectures resist simplification and do not always follow a predictable structure however this complexity provides a refreshing contrast to the rest of the department. Students who prefer a clear and direct teaching style may not get the most out of this course. The course examines traditional cinematic structure in practice and history but more interestingly examines structures outside of this model. She has written extensively on nontraditional screenwriting structures in multiprotagonist film and lectures extensively on emotional structure theory (an incredibly interesting and complex screenwriting theory). The screenings, assigned readings and analysis are very engaging and current. The course may be an interesting and beneficial option for non majors and anyone interested in screenwriting.