Andreas Mueller

Sep 2018

Pretty satisfying class. Very theory light, as the name somewhat implies. Mueller teaches a more 'rule of thumb' based approach to Data Science, which some might find annoying but others very comforting. These rules of thumb are pretty standard in the industry and they're really what makes a Data Science job title accessible to anyone. No background in ML in necessary to do well in the course but it is highly recommended if you want to appreciate the material. He is a decent lecturer and all his lectures are recorded (which is amazing since you can watch them at 1.5x speed). The homeworks are the best part of the class. They are fun and you learn a lot. I would take another class taught by him. His exams are surprisingly stupid. A large portion of the exams are dedicated to finding syntax errors in sklearn code. Another portion to writing code with a pen (they dock points if you forget an underscore or misspell the function name, which, again, I think is stupid).