Francesco Cioffi

Nov 2013

Spends half of the year in Italy. Very thick accent, difficulty in understanding students questions. Apparently this year was changed drastically from last year. Last year he taught a lot of the in depth math associated with fluid dynamics, and had a midterm and a final on it. As well as a final project you work on through out the year. And some homeworks. This year we've had 1 homework, there are no tests, and we still have a final project. He still lectures every day on the in depth math behind fluid dynamics, "so we have a solid background of the subject". I don't follow along mostly. There are times when we do interesting things that aren't just derivations, such as critical velocities of rivers and their slopes. There are 7 people in the class. The final project is such that we are all working on the Hudson river bay area. There are 3 groups of 2/3 people in each group. Topics are Sediment transport, tidal power, storm surge mitigation. There is a preliminary "midterm" presentation and then a final presentation. We also meet with the TA once a week after class and he shows us how to do modeling on the computer.