Vesna Gasperov

Sep 2012

It's hard to even begin this review, because I'm having trouble thinking of ways to describe how truly abysmal Professor Gasperov (PhD...) was. I mean, record-settingly, mind-blowingly, remarkably awful. In fact, I might almost give this class high marks as an anthropological experiment, or perhaps as a Teacher's College practicum on how not to teach a class. That said, it went on a little too long for the joke to be funny anymore (though watching the TAs struggle to make sense of what Vesna was doing at any given moment never got old). Prof. Gasperov did not know chemistry AND was really really bad at communicating it to us. A double whammy of terrible! And be careful if you ask a question—that's like employing a freeze ray that will cause Dr. G to stand in place for up to 45 seconds with a blank stare on her face before she proceeds to ignore you and move on in the slides (if you're very very lucky, she may repeat what she's just said while circling shit in the slides with her laser pointer, regardless of its bearing on your question). Fortunately, her tests are chock-full of errors, and don't necessarily address the material (just like Vesna! HEYO!). The only redeeming quality of this class was Joseph Ulichny, the TA. I'd much rather have him teach it, since he a) knows chemistry, b) can respond to questions without playing possum, and c) is extremely friendly and accomodating (and will know your name within the first 5 days of the semester in a non-creepy way). But hey, why not? Take this class! You'll love it.