Alain Jachiet

This professor has earned a CULPA gold nugget

Dec 2006

Alain is very knowledgeable on this subject; you can tell that he is always very well prepared for sections and is able to answer all questions about the material. He leads very interesting discussions which are helpful in terms of condensing the reading material and relating them to the content of the lectures. overall, highly recommend.

Sep 2006

Alain is a very friendly guy, but a so-so TA. He didn't really get that much covered in section, though he was extremely open and helpful. I don't really know how much he knows about Roman history-it's not his specialty-but he tries hard. If given the choice, I would choose James over Alain, but you won't go bad with Alain.

Dec 2004

Alain is AWESOME!!!!! Not only is he a really nice guy, but he does a great job of clarifying lectures and answering questions. He really wants to make sure that everyone understands the lectures and his discussion section was not only helpful and beneficial but enjoyable. Take his section if you can!