Maddalena Vaglio Tanet

Dec 2011

Maddalena is young, fashionable, funny, smart, kind, and enthusiastic. I was really unnerved, however, when I arrived on the first day to my first ever lesson in Italian to realize that she was teaching the class entirely immersive. However, by the end of the course, I knew what she was saying all the time. She's a great teacher, and while she can get a little upset when she can tell you haven't practiced for a while, she'll take you seriously if you take the course seriously. She wants her students to succeed and is happy to help explain things further. She always often plays songs and clips during class in addition to adorably exclaiming, "Mamma Mia!" in an entirely un-ironic way when she drops chalk or the projector is temperamental. It's a tough class because it's a new language, but the course was fairly small (about eighteen students) and Maddalena made it very personable.