Colette Solange LeRoux

This professor has earned a CULPA gold nugget

May 2014

Colette is an extremely sweet, easy-going professor who makes ArtHum actually enjoyable. From the start of our class, she made it clear to us that she views ArtHum as a language course. In other words, she wants us to develop a vocabulary in art and be able to discuss art. For this reason, as previous reviewers have mentioned, there is no memorization required (although she will ask you to identify certain pieces on the midterm, I got a few wrong and was only penalized by a single point in each case). Class participation is probably the most important part of your grade, and what you will be focusing on doing for most of the semester. She barely assigned reading (maybe three articles that I can remember), only had us do one paper early in the semester, and gave us an oral final only because she was required to give a final exam. There was barely any work for this class yet I definitely learned something despite having a background in art history (took AP Art History in high school, considering majoring in it). She makes the classroom environment one where you want to participate and brings in some art and perspectives that aren't on the syllabus to make things a bit more interesting. She's great at contextualizing paintings and bringing in a variety of analyses of them. Colette knows her stuff well and is also a great teacher - I highly recommend her to those who have not yet taken the course.

Jan 2014

I dont understand why Professor LeRoux does not have any more reviews than this, she is amazing! She does not require you to memorize any dates, paintings etc. As she views memorization as useless. She is very approachable, has an interesting teaching style and does not assign too much work. As long as you put a little effort into this class and participate in the class discussions(very important), this should be an easy A. I dont normally like art classes, but I loved this one because of LeRoux!

Dec 2011

Colette was awesome. She has a great lecture style, good comments, and very relaxed. I learned a lot about her course and the best part about it was that she de-emphasized memorizing useless facts like specific dates. She cares more that you understand the time period that the artwork is in, which to me is much more important when it comes to comprehending and interpreting a work of art. She was a fair grader. I guess I wouldn't call her an easy grader but as long as you know how to write an organized paper, she's completely reasonable. I really enjoyed this course.