Tsering Lama

Apr 2012

Having Tsering as a teacher was one of the most unfortunate things to ever happen to me at Columbia. For all the potential she has to be a cool and hip and edgy professor, she ruins it with her insufferable personality. She is really arrogant (but not the cool kind of arrogant that people see with some legendary professors at this school). She's rude. She's self centered. Honestly, it's almost embarrass that they let her teach. I'll preface this by saying that I did very well in her class last semester, got an A for just going through the strokes and getting my papers done. Her grading is arbitrary and entirely based on whether you suck up to her and write the way SHE wants it to be written. There is no room for creativity or even just artful use of prose. Instead, she prescribes a clunky and arcane method of diction which has just made me a more confused and irritated writer. She clearly favors girls over boys (which didn't affect me, but I really did feel badly for the boys in our class), and is so condescending that I've actually left the classroom in absolute fury. She is honestly the worst type of teacher. She treats Uwriting like some bush-league class that is beneath her and is just a bump in the road while she pursues her M.F.A. She crams politics down our throat, and is incredibly judgmental. I've been so underwhelmed by both her disappointing method of teaching and her really crappy, pseudo-intellectual pretentious attitude.