Alice Boone

May 2011

Alice was an amazing TA for this course. The seminars were much, much better than the lectures. In lecture, we read obnoxious books (Hamlet, Pride and Prejudice--really who hasn't already read these fourteen times?), but she supplemented the required readings with really cool, obscure things, not always even academic texts. For instance, we read the FAQs for the Jane Austen forum and then discussed mediation. She's definitely exploring some really novel areas in her graduate work, and I wish her the best for her continued studies. She uses the seminar like a laboratory for her own zany ideas, and it feels great to know that you're helping a really awesome person conjure up and clarify ideas for a dissertation you can really get behind yourself. You feel like you're on the cusp of something important. Cheers to Alice, for always encouraging her students to take risks.