Xavier Llovet Vila

This professor has earned a CULPA gold nugget

Dec 2017

Xavi is an amazing professor who truly wants you to succeed. This class is really easy if you show up and put in the work. Xavi is so fun and really wants his class to be a peaceful, stress-free environment and it was clear he'd rather us prioritize our mental health over his class. He constantly made jokes with us and brought us food once (!) but also really wanted you to work hard and challenged us with assignments. Even in my first Spanish class ever, I could understand him when he spoke Spanish because he was so clear and used hand gestures/props to make us understand. 10/10, amazing professor. Also he is really hot.

Nov 2017

XAVI IS THE BEST!!! literally dont take Spanish with anybody else. just dont

Apr 2017

I have never written a Culpa review, but Xavi is truly one of the best professors I have had in college and I think he deserves a lot more praise than his profile currently has. I took Intermediate Spanish I with Xavi in the Fall and it was my favorite class - something I have never been able to say for Spanish. He was engaged and excited about teaching and helping his students improve in a way I had never seen. I think that my Spanish improved significantly over the course of the semester and he even inspired me to pursue Spanish as a minor. Everyone should try to take a class with Xavi - he is a true gem of the Spanish Department. Even if you're only taking Spanish because you need to fill your language requirement, he will make you excited to come to class.

Dec 2016

Xavi was easily one of the best professors I have had at Columbia. I can't recommend him highly enough. My Spanish improved quite a bit this semester, and Xavi was so funny, charming, and enthusiastic that attending class was always a joy. He was a great lecturer who explained new grammar concepts patiently and clearly; he spoke slowly enough that it was easy to understand what he was saying, which meant that he hardly ever had to explain anything in English; he gave every student detailed, constructive, timely feedback throughout the semester; and maybe most importantly, he made it clear that he cared deeply about all of his students and wanted us not only to succeed but also to take care of our mental and physical wellbeing (a rarity for a Columbia professor). I will genuinely miss being in his class next semester. If you get a chance to take Spanish with him, do not hesitate.

May 2011

Xavi is AMAZING! I absolutely loved his class, and that saying a lot considering I was in Spanish until 7 on Fridays. He is amazingly engaging and truly dedicated to making sure that his students understand (and can think in) Spanish. He makes a point of saying that he hates grammar, and wants us to move beyond simply memorizing rules. I've already recommended him to all of my friends. He is the best Spanish professor I've ever had, Barnard needs to keep him around. Intermediate 2 got a bit intense after the midterm because a ton of new grammar rules and tenses were thrown at us out of nowhere, but Xavi did a really good job at relating the info to real life situations. I can't say it enough...TAKE A CLASS WITH THIS MAN!

May 2011

Xavi is meh. I think the class was decent, but the topics were definitely very cliche and very highschool in the sense that the homework and essays seemed like busy work. Honestly, I can't say I learned much of anything, and I don't think the students around me would disagree. Moreover, most of the kids in the class were either hispanic or fluent, so it was a bit tough to compete with them. Xavi himself is interesting enough and is always willing to offer help, but I don't think he is the best the department has to offer.

Apr 2011

If anyone deserves tenure in all of Barnard, and most definitely in the Spanish Department, it is this man. Xavi is an excellent professor, need I say, possibly the best Spanish professor I have had in nearly five years of Spanish classes. He relates material from class to contemporary issues, presents fun videos, and really develops his class in such a carefree and relaxed manner that it is a pleasure to come to class every time. Overall, I thought that he was extremely fair in grading and that his comments on the essays were exceptionally helpful in improving my Spanish writing. Xavi is truly a remarkable teacher, that not only takes great interest in his student's work, but is also very dedicated to the study of Hispanic cultures.

Jan 2011

Xavi Llovet Vila is not to be confused with Xavier Vila who also teaches Intermediate Spanish II. Xavi was the best teacher ever. He has so much energy and is so passionate about the language that every class was incredibly engaging and fun. He also has an amazingly dorky yet charming laugh that will blow your mind! I don't plan on being a Hispanic Studies major, but Xavi's class was by far my favorite class of the semester. I can't even begin to describe how awesome he is... Xavi presents the material in a clear manner and is always patient with questions. He likes it when his students participate, which isn't a problem because he makes it so easy to do so. From talking to friends in other classes, Xavi's grading seemed to be a bit harder than that of other spanish teachers. Perfect scores are very difficult to get on the compositions or other work we do. However, this should not deter you from taking spanish with Xavi. You can easily get an A if you devote some time and effort into the class. Don't half-ass your final project. It's not difficult at all... oh btw.. Xavi is hott (with two T's)