Shannon Garland

May 2011

Shannon Garland is one of the worst teachers I have experienced in my fours years at Columbia. She come to class without knowing the material but yet insults students if they don't know the material. Instead of teaching the class, she has students begin class discussion who don't know what they are talking about. Moreover, she expects students to know every detail for exams and papers and yet never teaches any of this to us. More importantly and distressing is how she has no problems making fun of students, outwardly insulting students in class, telling students they cannot use the bathroom during the class.

Jan 2011

All i have to say is never take this class with this instructor. She has far too much to prove. She conducts her class as a highschool course (plan to get insulted for never taking a long bus ride if you need to use the bathroom during class). She is so interested in her own ideas she misses the point of the questions presented by students. I was dissapointed in Columbia University's Music Department after taking this class. But, i heard the other instructor is amazing so maybe she is a one time flaw.