Hassan Hussein

May 2014

Persian with Hassan is a great overall experience. He is unorthodox, and he challenges his students, but he is extremely fair and he will work with you after class and in office hours until you understand whatever material may be confusing you. He is interested in seeing his students succeed with their Persian pursuits, and attempts to cater to the broad variety of interests students have for studying Persian. He may seem imposing at first, but has a terrific sense of humor. Class usually begins with Hassan greeting the class, then elaborating on questions he receives. He may follow tangents of thought regarding Persian in the beginning of class, but that is his way of exposing his students to the Persian language. He makes it a point to expose his students to both formal Persian and colloquial Persian, as well as Persian poetry, stories, and music. He will always make it very clear what students are responsible for homework and "exams".