Melissa Gonzalez

This professor has earned a CULPA gold nugget

Jun 2005

Good news: the grading in this class is really leniant, she said she doesn't like to give anyone a final grade under a B, and even that's hard to do. Bad news: she's just mean. Mostly just unfriendly, but sometimes mean. The questions on the midterm and the final were often from side comments she had made in class, which sucks, and it was painful in the morning, but since you have to take the class, and she not evil about her grading, it's not bad.

Jan 2005

if you want a JUST FINE music hum experience-- to learn a bit, to enjoy it, to not be stressed out, and to learn anything you will learn by semi-cramming the night before-- then take melissa. she recognized that not everyone wanted to be there, that music hum wasn't everyone's first priority, and that some of us knew NOTHING about music. she made it all just fine.

Dec 2004

To say that she sucks is a bit harsh. I enjoyed her class and found her to be a good instructor overall. The work load was doable and she presented the material clearly. I agree that she should have focused more time on class discussions but overall. I received comments on my concert reports and she always offered to review first drafts. She also did her best to ensure that we did well on exams by supplying outlines, review sheets, etc. Overall, I was satisfied with the course.

Dec 2004

This definitely was a great class. melissa was very knowledgeable about the subject matter and taught both the significance of the piece as well as the musical elements, which adds greatly to one's appreciation of music. there were five concert reports but they were only two pages each and that is far more enjoyable to write than a long research paper. i don't think than anyone would say that ten pages of writing is too much for a three credit class. i also think the exams were fair. i don't think you would be at a loss if you were to take music hum with this instructor; i would recommend it.