Felice Beneduce

This professor has earned a CULPA gold nugget

Nov 2019

Felice is the GOAT. He makes coming to class fun. He is easy to talk to. Great teacher, very patient, and creates a welcoming comfortable environment for shy students or idiots like myself to be able to participate in class. He really cares about his students and wants them to succeed, but he's not a hardo. He doesnt use which is awesome if you hate having to do all those dang things every week like me. Instead he just gives out worksheets for homework which he goes over in the next class. You have your typical temas you have to write and a few quizzes, the midterm, and the final. He's a fair grader. I took him for Italian 3 and 4 and Felice is always felice.

Nov 2017

Felice is a wonderful professor. He is always so helpful and encourages all students to participate. He has everyone work in small groups so you get to know your classmates. I would take Felice again if given the chance.

Nov 2017

I've taken Elementary Italian 1 and 2 and Advanced Italian 1 with Felice and without a doubt he is one of my favorite profs I've had here. Not only is he an effective and clear teacher, he is kind, caring, and funny, and takes time to build personal relationships with his students. He's written recommendations for me and truly cares about my experience in class and with Italian. If you are at all interested in taking Italian, this is the way to go. He absolutely deserves the gold nugget!! Everyone I know who's been in his class agrees with me, too.

Nov 2013

Felice is easily the best Italian teacher at Columbia. Anyone who takes his class can tell you that. He is one of those teachers that you actually want to work hard for. Every single class is exciting and interesting. When you mess up he always is there to help you without making you feel bad for making a mistake. Additionally, he makes the somewhat boring exercises that are mandatory from the Italian Department a blast. If you take any course with Felice, you will not regret it.

May 2013

Felice is a fantastic professor! Every lecture is very clear and he is more than happy to help if you don't understand anything. Class is always very engaging, and there are quite a few power points that involve Simpsons characters. He is a professor very dedicated in making sure his students understand the material. On a weeknight there is never more than 10-15min of homework, anything that is time consuming at all is designed to be done on weekends. Overall, Elementary Italian was a solid class and I learned quite a bit of Italian.

Dec 2010

I really like Prof. Beneduce. No doubt about it: he's a tough teacher, and he expects a lot from his students in terms of serious commitment to Italian. However, the class definitely acclimated to his style over time, and I think that we all grew to like him as the semester went on. The class format is pretty standard (students talk most of the class and get called on at random) but everyone, including the teacher, was pretty comfortable when others made mistakes. There are biweekly compositions that you get two shots at doing, and the final grade averages your original with the re-write. In addition, there are homework assignments almost every evening, which were tough at first but became easier as I learned more Italian. The only really hard part of the class were the midterm and quizzes, which were graded pretty harshly and resulted in many B/B+s. I'm not sure how the final was graded but it was definitely easier having a full three hours to complete it. Also make sure to attend his review sessions before the midterm/final because a lot of what's discussed shows up on the exams. Bottom line, you will learn a ton of Italian in this class. I'd recommend Prof. Beneduce for students who are really excited about the language; otherwise, it might just seem like a ton of busy work.