Jennie Allen

Dec 2010

I had Jennie for her first semester of U Writing. The class got off to a good start. She was very confident and treated us with a lot of respect. Unfortunately, class became unclear when the first essay assignment came around. I think this had less to do with Jennie's teaching ability than it did with the structural nature of U Writing as a whole. Unfortunately, though, this resulted in low grades for nearly everyone in the class. With that said, she is not an easy grader. She is tough, but fair most of the time. It is very difficult, though definitely possible, to get a good grade on a paper. She let's you write the essay you want to write. However, if it's not exactly the way she wants it to be, you will be downgraded. Writing is always a challenge, and writing for her makes that challenge harder. Yet, this is a good skill to learn, I suppose, since no matter the course one always is writing for a professor/TA. On a day to day basis, class was very enjoyable. Jennie is a wonderful person and, unlike most U Writing classes I've heard about, she made an effort to keep things interesting. She takes her class very seriously. She will make you work, and work hard. If you put in the effort she demands of you, though, you will learn - potentially a lot.