Rashmi Sahni

Jan 2013

Rashmi Sahni is an amazing UWriting professor. Don't worry after reading her syllabus which sounds very strict- she is one of the most understanding professors at Columbia! She really understands that people are busy and as long as you communicate with her she is very understanding. She also is a really fair grader- she is not an extremely easy A but certainly respects the work you put in and will reward you for doing so. She really encourages you to meet with her and will always be available if you want feedback or for her to look over a draft. You definitely should feel lucky if you have her!

May 2012

Couldn't have asked for a better UWriting teacher. I loved the readings she chose for us, and she is really sincere about helping you improve as a writer. Her grading is very fair, and you will find yourself focusing more on what she has to say about your progress as a writer than the little letter mark on the bottom of the page. She's very personable and relates to your struggles as a student. I have talked to other students in UWriting as well, and I think it is safe to say she gives a little less work than other professors. Overall fantastic professor, and I am grateful to have had her for UWriting. She occasionally brings snacks into class during Exam periods or when an upcoming essay is close to due. The class has a very laid back attitude and you will feel comfortable bringing up anything you had to say about the readings or assignments.