Amaya Rivera

Dec 2011

I'm not sure if Amaya was a great prof or if I just had a great group of people for my UW section. Either way, I had a positive experience in her class. I really didn't enjoy UW as a course, but Amaya was an engaging professor who had a knack for facilitating class discussion. She was very accessible for people who needed extra assistance with their papers, and was very willing to talk outside of class on specific issues. She's a fair grader and she really rewards papers that show progress between drafts. I did get a paper back with comments that amounted to "this paper was great, no major flaws, A-", which was very frustrating, but I understand that As aren't a common occurrence. I had a lot of problems with UW, but none of them were directly Amaya's fault. I do wish we had gotten more feedback on our papers, though. She was better than my LitHum professor (usually wrote about a paragraph for each draft, though she did write us several paragraphs on our Lens essay first draft), but I've seen other UW professors who go to town on papers and give several paragraphs of detailed, specific feedback. If you're looking to seriously improve your writing skills, you might want to look for one of those; if you just want to survive UW without too much agony, Amaya is a great choice.