Jun Hee Cho

Dec 2010

I think that the verdict is still out on Jun. He definitely means well and is sweet about encouraging participation, but for some reason, my class (which was awesome) just did not click with him. Part of it could be the extra workload (one week's reading counts for a SINGLE response paper, and we have to do 10 throughout the semester) and perhaps the other issue is the grading? I did OK on the midterm, but there were definitely a lot of Bs and even some Cs. Further, Jun's field is history, not philosophy, so keep that in mind if you choose him as a teacher. He was great at providing background about the texts but not as great at conveying their significance (i.e., what this text means to philosophy on the whole). I'm sure anyone who has him next term will be freaking out because of this review, but really, it could be much worse. If you do well on the papers and participation, you're almost guaranteed an A. I'm just bitter because I had such an amazing Lit Hum experience and was hoping for more of the same this time around...