Hugh Crowl

Apr 2012

NO. Frontiers is awful and so is Hugh. Boring, irritatingly cheerful, and full of busy work. I dreaded this class more than anything. You barely even have to do the readings. Just go the lectures (Hugh gives stupid weekly quizzes to check if we went or not) and do the WIAs on time. I almost exclusively used the WIAs to study for midterm/final and did well; a lot of the problems were taken almost directly off the WIAs, but with different graphs/numbers.

May 2011

You're reading about Frontiers, so you already know this is one of the worst classes ever. I'm not going to comment on that; there are enough reviews that to cover every angle of it's horribleness. Hugh is a good leader to get you through this class. He's nice, understanding, smart, and really decent about deadlines. If you get him as your leader, stick with him. He's a tougher grader than some of the other section leaders. No, I didn't do as well as I'd hoped in this class. However, it was a more pleasant experience because I took it with him.