Francesca Marzullo

May 2011

It is one thing when TA's are not useful for a class, but Francesca manages to become obtrusive to your studying. She is very unapproachable, while in discussion session she calla you by name, if you try to ask something in class she won't know who you are. The discussion section led by her was never able to finish the workload, and she was never really managing the students, but more like asking prepared questions, and hoe someone would answer. When approached by email, she always had a prompt answer, but a highly unusable one. She would reply she didn't know and send me to ask the professor. She would not help to get past handouts, and instead repeat the same solution over and over (Borrow from someone else!). Her grading was ridiculous considering her notes were scarce and vague, all her recommendations were on presentation of the paper, never on content. While the other TA for Late Italian seem equally bad, Francesca was possibly one of the worst TA's I encountered at Columbia.