Emily O'Dell

Nov 2011

Emily O'Dell is PHENOMENAL. She is everything that a professor should be and more. She is passionate, inspiring, and can make any subject interesting. Taking a seminar with Professor O'Dell is a privilege. Every class is fun and engaging, with lively discussion and lots of stories from her worldwide travels. She is incredibly intelligent and has a unique ability to pass on her passion to her students. There will not be a single class you sit though without laughter -- she is a wonderful story teller. There are also lots of options for class field trips (which often include eating food)! Simply put, if you have a chance to take a class with this woman DO IT.

Jan 2011

Professor O'Dell is exactly the kind of teacher that Columbia needs. She taught each lecture using slides from her past trips to Egypt where we were able to see inside ancient tombs and archaeological sites that no one else in the world has the ability to see. She is extremely intelligent and knowledgeable about ancient Egypt and she's easy going about practically everything. She made a college seminar become a course where I actually felt like I was learning something just for the joy of learning something quite spectacular.