Anne Hewitt

May 2013

This was easily the worst political theory class I have ever taken. The professor was nice enough (at least in person) but the syllabus content was uninspired and bland, and her grading made no sense to me. She seemed to bracket me in one grade band-- I received the same grade on all three papers, with obscure comments at the end such as 'I think this is good but you can do more' without suggesting what it was that I might do to improve my performance. I also recall feeling she was uncomfortable around me from her body language, something I didn't understand given that I respected her as a teacher and felt the first few lessons were valuable. I recall her blatantly ignoring my hand in class once despite the fact that it was raised for a full minute during a period of absolute silence in the class. Not sure why she just wouldn't take my comment and refute it. I wish I had spoken to her about it in retrospect to clarify the misunderstanding. Regardless, avoid any of her classes at all costs.