Sunhee Song

This professor has earned a CULPA gold nugget

Apr 2017

Sunhee is an absolute gem and is so knowledgable in the Korean language. Although there are times the workload gets somewhat heavy its not because of her but just the way that the structure of the syllabus is and the workbook that comes along with the course (but there is a workbook that comes with every Korean course despite the level). She completely engages the class and her lectures are so in-depth about why we use a certain structure or phrase that I increased my speaking abilities exponentially just one semester in her class. Coming into First Year Korean II, I was honestly very unsure about my Korean skills but after taking her class, I have never been as confident as I am now with speaking the language than I ever was in the past. Her class is definitely worth it.

May 2013

Professor Song deserves at least a silver nugget. I've had her for four semesters and I am quite disappointed that she won't be teaching Advanced Korean. She really cares for her students and makes sure that everyone gains an experience rather than just take a class. She tries to foster relationships, not just that of the professor and student, but also amongst the students. The whole class and Professor Song even have a lunch together at the Faculty House once a semester to get to know one another. Since it's usually a class with around 15 (no more than 20) students and meets everyday (MTWR), everyone does get close. She jokes around but also makes sure that everyone understands the material before moving on. However, the class moves rather quickly. The class is very structured and follows the textbook that Carol Schulz helps write. Every chapter includes two subsets, each with a conversation, vocab words, and two or three grammar lessons. Professor Song follows this format with her powerpoints but also includes her own methods to make sure the material is understood. There are also worksheets done during class to go over the grammar and a workbook for homework that can take some time but is extremely helpful. Intermediate Korean students will also have to start memorizing Hanja (Chinese characters) and this will be taught during some of the classes. She gives exams for about every two chapters, so it should be around four per semester. There are also vocabulary/dictation quizzes for each chapter and hanja quizzes. She grades very fairly. This is especially true for native speakers who might know how to say something but not exactly in the way the textbook dictates. She knows that everyone in the class is at a different level and will grade accordingly. For example, if there is a composition on an exam and you try to write in a more advanced manner but make more mistakes, you will probably do around the same, if not better, than someone who stays safe with routine words and makes almost no errors. I strongly recommend taking her class if you are looking to take Korean, even non-native speakers! She understands that this is much harder for you and will help you in any way possible. I have friends who took her class first, then switched to non-native, only to switch back because her class is much more enjoyable and effective. She's also one of the nicest people I have ever met. You won't regret it!

Apr 2013

Professor Song is probably one of the most amazing professors I have ever had. When I first signed up to take Korean I didn't know what to expect at all and I didn't have a background in Korean. She understands that there are a lot of non natives and really tries to accommodate them. I look forward to going to class everyday just because she makes learning Korean so much fun. She really makes sure that everyone in the class understands the material and makes an effort to know everyone by name and always checks in whenever you are absent or miss an assignment (which could also be a bad thing which ever way you look at it). I definitely plan on fulfilling the rest of my language requirement with her. She is also the sweetest person ever.

Apr 2013

She is an absolute sweetheart. As a native Korean there is really no question that she can't answer, and she always takes time to answer questions you may have about the language or culture, even if it isn't directly related to what you're currently learning about. The class is fast paced (Beginning semester II at least), but due rather to the amount of material that is needed to be covered rather than Song's preference. I have never taken Korean before or spoken it with my family, but my Korean family who I have interacted with since I began to learn Korean with Song is seriously impressed. You will learn.