Nicolas Schutz

May 2010

Challenging course and concepts. But more importantly I want to say that I gave a bad review to both the Professor (Nicholas Schutz) and TA (David DeRemer) Why? Nicholas Schutz, skated the entire semester by simply reading powerpoint lecture slides that were later posted on Courseworks. Pretty straightforward right? for him it was; and for the mathematically acute it is, but for those who actually need what they paid for (A Professor who can actually profess and a TA that can actually assist) to help them understand the subject matter at hand, experienced a serious disadvantage. As far as attitude in the class is concerned. No one shows up to class and the feedback in the lectures are mostly the noise of cell phone buttons being pushed as people are texting in class. Both Nicholas Schutz (Professor) and David DeRemer (TA) were absolutely horrible in their ability to effectively communicate the subject matter in this class. TA sessions were 2 hours long, had their own lecture slides, and even had practice problems! Paired with a pathetic communicator, this is like jihading your own neurons. So my recommendation is that you DO NOT take this class if you can help it. Dealing with these two guys was nothing more horrifying than bad business. Take this class at your own peril (literally) Hope this helps.