Isaura Arce-Fernandez

This professor has earned a CULPA gold nugget

Jun 2020

Isaura is amazing. She is so kind and understanding. The class is not overwhelming at all. Her biggest focus is for you to practice. She is not hellbent on grading.

Dec 2019

Isaura may be the best professor I've had at Columbia. She brings engaging material, knows a ton about film and Spanish film especially, she has a lot of personal connection to the history and was able to teach through stories of her family. The course incorporated a lot of different subjects while maintaining a strong theme. We discussed everything from the history of the civil war, legal issues in Francoism, the role of the Catholic Church, modern censorship, gender and sexuality, film technique, nationalism, art and music, and as many other issues as could possibly be brought in. Isaura is forgiving as far as grammatical mistakes go, but she gives good feedback on work and is usually patient in class with mistakes. I would recommend this course to anyone who has taken 4 semesters of Spanish (or knows Spanish another way). Even if you don't think you would be interested in film, you will be by the end. There is also opportunity to explore themes or angles of analysis in any of the projects. If you haven't taken 4 semesters of Spanish, you should so that you can take this course. It's that good.

Dec 2017

ISAURA IS THE BEST PROFESSOR EVER!!! TAKE HER CLASS!!! SHE IS SO SO AMAZING!!! She is just a phenomenal Spanish teacher. I had her for Elementary 2, and it was my favorite class. She was so patient with me if I had any questions, she made learning Spanish so fun, really not a lot of work, she explained really hard concepts in simple ways, she revived my passion for this language. TAKE HER CLASS! Now I believe in myself and I feel like I can actually become fluent!! I've talked in Spanish recently to people I've known for a long time and they told me that my Spanish is noticeably much better. It's all because of Isaura.

Apr 2015

Isaura is a fantastic. Her teaching style is artistic, she uses her creativity in every class. Her innovative approach to language learning combined with her tech savvy bring the lessons to another level. She is organized and pleasant. If you want to learn Spanish and gain fluency take her courses. Her feedback is second to none. She offers a detailed response that often includes resources that elaborate on the subject at hand. I've found the resources to be so very helpful. She loads Courseworks up with resourceful material that proves helpful in self-study. She is approachable genuine, and kind.

Jan 2014

She's great! She really focuses on conversation and therefore a lot of time in class is spent conversing (participation is 20% of the grade and it seems as though she's pretty generous w/ the participation grade as long as you actually participate, which it seems impossible not to). Although in class she emphasizes practicing speaking the language (vocabulary) I feel like the tests and homework emphasize grammar. The grammar in elementary Spanish is significantly easier to grasp than the grammar in intermediate. However, I feel like the sequence (w/ her) is definitely manageable as long as you put in effort and stay on top of all of the grammar.

Mar 2013

Isaura is a wonderful professor. She is kind, sweet, funny, patient, and understanding. You can tell that she absolutely loves her job and is determined to help you learn the language. Her assignments are often fun and quirky. I wish I could take all four semesters with her. She is such an incredible person. She is always sympathetic to illness or other emergencies. She fully understand that life extends beyond 110th street. For A GS student like me, this is crucial. She is always willing to work with you as long as she knows the circumstances. Above all, her exercises and in-class practice really helps you learn the language. She makes the class fun, almost everyday. I believe this enjoyment is key to learning the language. If the class were boring or tense, I'd probably hate the language subconsciously. Isaura understands this and does her best to keep everyone fully engaged.

Dec 2011

I absolutely love Isaura. She makes class enjoyable, so much so that Spanish went from my least favorite class to my favorite. She really wants you to learn, and she never makes you feel silly for asking a question. She also has a knack for explaining things in ways which are clear and that I really understood. There was a lot of Spanish speaking in groups and also as a class, and it was fun and also helped the students get to know each other (which was really nice and doesn't always happen). Homework was standard, and there were 4 compositions. She's terrific, you won't be sorry if you take a class with her.

Nov 2011

Not only is she a wonderful instructor, but she is also a wonderful person. Classes were informative and she would happily go over grammar and vocab. Sometimes they'd get boring just because we would be doing work in groups and she gave us way to much tie to complete the assignments, so you just end up talking in english, which she doesn't really care about. This class manages to be easy and help your Spanish. She gives A/A+ on almost all writing assignments and really wants you to succeed. Class participation is big and easy to get an A on. Take this class. She is adorable.

Feb 2010

Wonderful teacher for Elementary Spanish I. She really cares about her students, was never frustrated with anyone for not understanding something, and let you submit a draft of every composition before the final draft so that you were basically guaranteed an A+. To be honest, the class was an easy A+, but I did do all the work and I really felt like I learned a lot of Spanish. She focuses on putting the class into discussion groups every day so that you do get a lot of practice speaking. All in all, it was an easy class, but I love her and think she's a great teacher.