Reyes Llopis-Garcia

This professor has earned a CULPA gold nugget

Apr 2017

I've never written a review before but I just had to for Reyes. Her class is so interesting and she does a great job of generating class discussion. The workload can sometimes be very difficult, with readings that require some time and later guias (reading comprehension questions). However, not all of them are that bad, and if you do the readings and participate in class answering them will be easy. As for Reyes, she might possibly be the kindest and most understanding person I've ever met. She is very lenient with extensions, and if you go to her and tell her you have an issue, she will be more than happy to help you. She honestly just wants you to learn and to hand in good work. One time, I went to an office hours appointment with her, and she spent like 30 minutes giving me advice and just talking to me about life because I told her about a month earlier that I was struggling to figure out what to major in. I don't think that she will be teaching this class again, but if you have the chance to have her as a professor in any class, take it!

May 2016

Linguistics students, take this course. As far as course material goes RLLG gives you a broad introduction to CogLing, and in particular important terminology, readings from the big fish in the field, and how to find underlying CogLing principles in our daily language use. You end up doing a lot of independent research for her papers, going through youtube videos and reading outside articles. Class discussions were lively and there's a lot of freedom built in to her assignments. For longer papers and even for shorter assignments you can write about most anything you want as long as you can frame it in a CogLing way of thinking. This class plugs a big hole in the CogLing-light Linguistics "department." So take this. RLLS is smart, really nice, and responds to e-mails quickly, even at hours when humans shouldn't be awake. It's a plus to know Spanish for this course, but it's definitely not necessary.

May 2015

I wasn't planning on writing a review on culpa but when you get the opportunity to take a class with someone like Reyes, I feel like I owe it to her to let everyone know how amazing she is. This has been by far the most amazing/engaged/intriguing/ Spanish class I have ever taken in my life. The course is very well structure and this is outline in the syllabus that she post on Courseworks in the first week of class - each week covers a different topic which all links back to the core theme (Christianity vs. Islam in Spain) of the course. Each week she'll assign a number of reading, which can at times be very difficult, and you use these reading to complete a guia (which is basically a reading comprehension assignment) either in writing or orally on Voicethread (more on what this is below). Also, since there's no midterm or final, you are required to complete an oral presentation, two projects - one on a topic given by her and one free topic - and two diario del aprendizaje where you reflect on the materials you learn each week. I love that Reyes integrate technology to the course through the use of the discussion board in coursworks, voicethread and mediathread. For those who are not familiar, voice/mediathread are online learning platforms where you complete your assignment and interact with other students in the class. For example, we used mediathread to analyse the Portico de la Gloria - each student select a section which is of interest to them and then post about the significance/interest of their selection. I will say that you will have a lot of work (more than other section of W3300) in this course but they are totally WORTH IT. The works in time consuming, yes, and you really have to think a lot about what you're doing - it's not going to be simple assignment where you can look up the answer online, you have to analyze what you're learning. With that said, you Spanish skills will improve tremendously in this class, and if it doesn't them I'm sorry, it's not Reyes's fault but it's you not working/trying hard enough. In terms of grading, I think that everyone who put in the effort will end up doing well in this course. I wouldn't say this is an easy A class but if you work for it, it is very much a possibility. Also, she takes attendance and I think you're only allowed to miss 2 classes. Reyes really cares about her students, she is always willing to meet with you to discuss any questions/concerns and she is open to suggestions about ways to improve the course so if you don't like something be sure to let her know. The fact that she always give detailed comments back on your assignment shows how much she cares and how she really wants you to do well. I must admit, there were times when I really hated the course because of the sheer amount of work we had to do, but in the end, it was all worth it. I learned so much in the course and even thought I was not interested in religion to begin with, I must say I really enjoyed the materials we studied and I would by all means recommend this course to anyone who is considering taking W3300!

Feb 2015

Reyes is an engaging, dynamic ball of lightning. She is one of my intellectual role models.

May 2013

REYES IS THE BEST! It's that simple. She's charming, funny, enthusiastic, helpful, receptive, engaging, and overall just a wonderful person/professor. LOVE LOVE LOVE HER. She gives the most thorough and helpful feedback on all assignments and is willing to go above and beyond to make sure you understand a concept. She responds to emails super quickly. Intermediate Spanish is really straightforward: same exams and requirements as all the other Spanish classes. For Advanced Language through Content, the weekly readings and assignments are quite challenging, but really effective in terms of becoming a more sophisticated Spanish speaker. I only wish she was teaching more upper level classes!

Sep 2012

I have never written a CULPA review before, but I think I owe it to this one. Reyes is by far the best instructor I have ever had. She truly cares about all of her students, and is simply a brilliant professor. She is very passionate about teaching which shows in each and every class, motivating everyone to work harder and ultimately get more out of the courses. She is always willing to answer your questions, both in class and in office hours, and will do anything she can to make sure every student understands. She always has very clear and effective ways of explaining concepts, especially some of the subtle differences between Spanish and English that are sometimes difficult for us to understand at first. Also, her corrections for compositions are extremely thorough and helpful. Her classes are very dynamic and engaging. In Intermediate 2, there are different activities and a lot of group work to practice the various concepts and vocab rather than only doing worksheets. 3300 is more discussion based, but it never felt like the same thing every day, which kept the content interesting. Out of all my Spanish classes (every year since freshman year of high school), no course has improved my Spanish nearly as much as both of these have. Taking these two classes with Reyes made me completely change my mind about my major- now I'm a Spanish major! If you are taking Spanish, DEFINITELY take a class with Reyes. And one more thing… where is her gold nugget?!

Aug 2012

I had the pleasure of taking Islamic and Christian Influences in Spain with Reyes this past spring, and am certain she is one the best you'll find. She is always prepared, super kind, has a sense of humor, and knows that she can school you on anything related to the language and culture. She is also a very fair grader, and brings her students' work to the next level. If you think otherwise, you're not working hard enough.

Apr 2012

I'm shocked to not see a nugget here. Reyes really cares and pays attention to students - she really seems passionate about the art of teaching and helping her students understand Spanish. Like many professors, she gave the "it's not about the letter, it's about the learning" lecture after she returned the midterm, but unlike many, she seemed to really mean it. She does focus on learning, but that's not to say she's unnecessarily strict - as long as you generally do the work and seem to care, a decent grade should not be hard at all to come by. She made a class that I expected to be miserable, manageable and fun. Highly recommended!

Jan 2012

I have been taking Spanish since the 8th grade, so I've had a fair share of Spanish teachers, and Reyes is the BEST Spanish professor I have ever had. By the end of high school, I treated Spanish as a joke class but she completely revived my passion for it AND made me much better at it. I've always been a pretty good speaker but she helped me really improve my writing/grammar. I now want to continue taking Spanish courses past the requirement (Advanced Language Through Content). First of all, Reyes is a very engaging professor. Every class, she comes in with a huge smile and tons of infectious energy. She is very prepared for each and every class and our class respected that of her and began to come very prepared to each class as well. Secondly, she really understands the problems that non-native speakers have with Spanish. If you have a question in the middle of class, she will offer as many explanations as possible to clearly describe whatever grammatical concept you have trouble. In other words, she makes sure you understand everything before she moves on. She loves and cares about her students deeply and it is very obvious. TAKE THIS CLASS WITH REYES, I promise you will not regret it.

May 2010

Best Spanish teacher I've ever had, hands down. She is from spain but speaks english fluently so for the tough stuff, she can clarify in english to help make sense of everything. Reyes is bubbly and fun, and all she wants is for her students to get better at Spanish, have a good time doing it, and interact with eachother. She doesn't grade the workbook work, but its worth doing before a midterm and final for practice. For the required essays, she gives corrections unlike other professors in the course. Because she is incredibly accessible, she will meet during office hours or another scheduled time to review your newly corrected paper, and then let you turn in this twice revised paper for a grade. If that's not fair I don't know what is. She also stresses participation, and rewards people for participating with a participation grade worth 20% and gvies extra credit points (a kid in my class got a 21/20 for participation). She gives A+'s! I've never learned so much from a spanish teacher either in high school or at Columbia!