(Earth and Environmental Engineering)
Jan 2021

Elizabeth Cook is an amazing professor. Especially during the Fall 2020 Covid remote semester, she was extremely supportive and accommodating. She is a soft-spoken, yet engaging and knowledgable lecturer. This class was structured as a Fall A intensive, so it met for about two hours Monday through Thursday. Half of the class time was dedicated to a lecture and the other half was "lab". During the lab half of class, we were put into break out rooms to complete a coding or mapping activity for the day. This class was a great introduction to more advanced excel skills, R, and GIS. We also learned some basic statistics. The class content was also interesting and applicable to what we were learning. The labs never felt like busy work and everything was purposeful. I would highly recommend this class to any budding environmental data scientists!

Jun 2019

Bower is amazing. I will continue taking classes with him until he retires, or I graduate, whatever comes earlier. Nicest professor ever! Always brings snacks to class

May 2019

Professor Steingart was always VERY prepared for the lectures and easily understood. He speaks slow and clearly and stops to answer questions and gauge feedback regularly along with being very approachable. Professor Steingart goes out of his way to appeal to students of every department. He is extremely approachable and willing to play devils advocate and entertain questions to spark understanding and learning of the complicated topics at hand. He doesn't just care about his individual research but the actual class content and the ability for students to absorb the information accurately. He has the ability to communicate effectively with a range of audiences and goes out of his way continuously and stays after class and shows up early just to assist students. He has the ability to identify, formulate, and solve complex engineering problems by applying principles of engineering, science, and mathematics all while not confusing students even further.

Jan 2018

Borderline retired--> so chill and lowkey. Easiest A. Fulfills the same requirement as math! Completely recommend!

Apr 2016

Fairly comprehensive Introductory Microbiology course. There is no Biology pre-req, but having taken Environmental Engineering with Chandran last year helped especially with kinetics. Everything pre-midterm was related to the structure, function, and replication of bacterial cells. Afterwards, it gets more relevant to Environmental Engineering, and there were many presentations and examples from Chandran's and Shashwat's (TA) own research with new bacterial genome sequencing techniques and bacterial treatments for wastewater resource recovery. Shashwat is a better lecturer, explaning topics more clearly, and is very available for help in office hours. Chandran is very busy and can appear distracted, he's also pretty soft-spoken, so it helps to sit in the front.